The Pilgrim’s Progress

by admin

The Pilgrim’s Progress, written by John Bunyan in the 17th century, is a Christian allegory depicting man’s progress through life in search of salvation, and the inner struggles he faces after being born again. It is written in an easy and enjoyable style that can be read and understood by readers of any age. The book has been translated into more than 200 languages, and never been out of print.

The Pilgrim’s Process was first translated into Georgian approximately 15 years ago, but only published in small quantities. The demand for it was so great, it is no longer easily available, unless borrowed from someone who has a copy.

In November of 2015, SAVE Georgia entered into an agreement with Life Sentence Publishing Company, and Jesus.Ge received rights to translate and distribute the book in Georgia.  Translation is being done from the revised version of The Pilgrim’s Progress, and will focus on stylistic and grammatical correctness, as well as quality.  Upon completion, Jesus.Ge will publish the work and promote its distribution to bookstores and public libraries across the country.

This is our first book translation project.  We are almost half way through it.  Please pray for our translator and two editors as they diligently press on to complete the work.

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