Georgian Christian Channel Ministry

History of foundation

2010 Year
First Steps

In 2010 when internet was not widely spread in Georgia and there were few Christian websites, one person, Guja Chachanidze, got a vision to create a website where Christian content would be added. Despite the fact that this person was not experienced in creating websites and did not have enough finances for that, this idea began to realize anyway.


On the 16th February 2010 he registered the domain with the address Jesus.Ge and began creating website on it. He used the knowledge received from different internet forums. Because of the lack of finances the website was located on free domain which was not protected and that is why Jesus.Ge website was hacked several times and all the content deleted. The website did not have the function to back up and that is why the content was again and again uploaded to the website by this person.


In the beginning many people looked sceptically at the idea of creating Christian media group. They thought it was the waste of time. Besides, there were no volunteers who would serve the Lord in this ministry or who would make financial contribution to it. So, for several years the media ministry struggled to make first steps in Georgia.

2013 Year
First Team

In 2013 some young people showed interest towards the ministry. By that time the team consisted of 7 people. During the following year these young people worked enthusiastically and diligently for the Lord that attracted people’s attention and the ministry team began to grow.

Young people from different protestant churches became members of the team and started serving the Lord with their talents to advance the ministry work. The team had the vision for Christian channel (that was called Jesus.Ge by that time) to be the first media ministry that would be the voice of the protestant churches of Georgia.


The ministry started to actively communicate with protestant churches.


Despite the fact that the ministry did not own needed equipment and the room for meetings and discussions, the enthusiasm of team members did not weaken, on the contrary, it got stronger.


Tbilisi Gospel Faith Church helped the team many times by giving them the room for meetings, where they prayed together, shared thoughts and ideas.

2014 Year

In 2014 the ministry was already known among the protestant churches of Georgia and the trust towards it kept growing.


Apart from media work, the ministry tried to take up the publishing work. When the ministry was given 200 Gel (appr. $100) for the first time, the team published the first issue of the newspaper (only 100 copies). Newspapers were sold in the churches and with that money the second issue of the newspaper was published but because of the lack of finances it was stopped after a while.


At the same time, when given some small amounts of money the ministry team tried to serve the Lord as best as possible. In 2014 the website was moved to a chargeable hostings to keep secure the work done by team members.

2015 Year
First News

The team considered that making news coverages was necessary for the progress of the ministry and for developing relationships with the churches but it did not have the needed equipment. Team members borrowed a camera, a microphone and a laptop and after the work of shooting and editing of the video was done, all the equipment was given back to their owners.


The ministry did not have even one laptop so the team (consisting mainly from university students) decided to collect 5 Gel ($3) per month in order to purchase a laptop on instalments. After learning this one person gave the ministry a second-hand computer.


Despite sceptical attitudes and lack of interest towards this ministry the team did not cease struggling (already consisting of 10 people) for the dream to come true.


The team worked for free and translated Christian content, including articles, sermons, testimonies; they translated and did the voice over of Christian videos by using borrowed equipment.


The people who thought sceptically about this ministry and told us that it was a waste of time, in the course of time changed their mind and opinion and began telling us that we worked for the glory of God and that it was really necessary for the population of Georgia.


We realized more and more the need of such media and television that would fill the informational vacuum with christian world news, that would reach Georgian-speaking people with the Word of God through different shows and programs, but it was still a dream.

2015 Year

In 2015 the team got a letter from an American lady Natalya Pochkhidze who had desire to translate and dub “Superbook”, CBN’s well-known Christian animation series.


Dubbing this animation for Georgian children was the dream of the ministry team as well but they did not own any equipment needed for carrying out this project. That is why the team began searching for the best recording studio in Georgia that would do the work in the best way possible. Meanwhile, this lady had an idea for the team to build a studio and dub the animation. It was a miracle.


The dream and prayers of the team began realizing in front of their eyes. It was the time for the Christian media to move to a totally new level.


Team members could not believe that it was just the beginning and that the Lord was going to perform great miracles.


And the time for miracles came.


Natalya Pochkhidze was the person who helped the ministry and bought all the equipment necessary for the studio to function.

It was amazing to see the faces of the team members when the stepped into the room that now belonged to the ministry. It was an amazing celebration of victory filled with gratitude towards the Lord for His greatness.


Team members started working with tenfold enthusiasm and the ministry moved to a new level. Despite the fact that team members had their jobs and worked at different workpalces, they always found time for the media ministry, in fact, we can say, that they used any free minute for this ministry.


During those years the team grew not only in number but professionally as well. We learned how to communicate with people, kept finding out about their interests and accurately selected the content we wanted to share with them in order to bring glory to the name of the Lord.

2016 Year

When we started working on “Superbook” project, we saw the necessity of hiring committed people because it was impossible to carry out such a big project only on enthusiasm, for free. So Natalya suggested to hire several people for the ministry. The team founded the non-commercial organization and hired 3-4 people who superwised the process of dubbing Superbook and media ministry at the same time.


Natalya brought many blessing to the ministry. We knew that she gave the money from her own salary to us that increased hundredfold our enthusiasm, responsibility, gratitude and love to God and to Natalya.


The team has managed to change many stereotypes rooted deeply in Georgian society and gained much trust and interest.


During the years the ministry team has been oriented on spiritual and professional growth and searched for committed people who would be the blessing for the ministry. The ministry has become an inspirational platform for many young people where they were given a chance to develop personally and professionally.

2017 Year
and Today

Nowadays Christian Channel ministry is known and trusted in all the protestant churches of Georgia. The ministry has many visitors on its websites and Facebook pages and it takes care of them strengthening their faith by giving them the word of hope and encouragement.


The number of subscribers on our Facebook page is about 132 000 that is an unprecedentedly high number for protestant media, because the overall number of protestants (according to various data) throughout the country is no more than 20 000. It shows that our media is evangelical and by the grace of God it faithfully serves its goal that is evangelism.


It must be noted that the whole season of Superbook was aired by ten different TV channels of Georgia during winter holidays in the beginning of this year.


Despite many needs, the ministry team tries its best to reach lots of people with the hope and Word of God. The team uses every blessing to fulfill the calling that was given to the ministry by the Lord.


From the beginning of 2020 the ministry websites take the second place in the rating religious websites of Georgia. During the Coronavirus pandemic we reached half a million people for a week in the beginning of March. People are searching for hope in God in this difficult times and we are happy that God uses Christian Channel to give the living water to thirsty souls.


But the team is not going to stop here. We believe that the Lord has a great future and many more blessings. We pray and believe that God will help us to start te first protestant Christian TV station in Georgia the need of ehich is really great and we will be the part of this grand event.


The Lord is our strength and when we had nothing it was Him who gave us faith and strengththat nothing is impossible with Him. We just need to have faith in Him and glorify His name.


We long to reach people with God’s Word and we believe it is His will for the TV Station to exist in Georgia that through which His name will be glorified. We also believe that He will make us worthy to be part of this great future.


P.S. You must see our faces when we step inside the ministry’s TV station building…

being confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

Georgian Christian Channel Ministry

Our visions


What are we striving for?

Our aim is to help people in Georgia to see the Lord as the Bible describes Him. We would like our people to experience that God is real and trust Jesus Christ for their future.


We also want people to know about protestant churches in Georgia because most people still believe that except Christian Orthodox church all the others are a cult. We are doing our best refute this wrong opinion and for that we highlight news about the ministry and the work protestant churches do in Georgia.

Christian (protestant) TV in Georgia

There is no Christian (protestant) television in Georgia and as there is limited access to internet in the regions of the country and the majority of the population prefers television for receiving information, our vision is to use this means for spreading God's Word and to start Georgian Christian television in Georgia.

Christian (protestant) Radio in Georgia

There is no christian radio station in Georgia. While driving drivers often listen to radio stations on FM That's why we think thay Christian radio station should be accessible to the population of the country where they would listen to audio sermons, Georgian and world christian news, christian songs and so on.

Christian Publishing House

Although there are several christian publishing houses in Georgia, the amount of christian literature is small and the population of the country has almost no access to it. One of the visions of Georgian Christian Channel is to found a publishing house where we will be publishing monthly christian magazines, books, brochures and so on.

Have A Question?

If you have any question about the ministry or the desire to support the ministries in Georgia, please contact us through the Contac Form.