Introduction with Giorgi-Georgian movie production manager

by admin

Working with the Jesus.Ge ministry quite often requires HUGE leaps of faith. The vision for the end result is there, although the steps are not clear and I don’t have a complete understanding of the details. I do a bit of homework to double check my ‘gut feelings,’ and simultaneously pray for God to take care of the rest. The technical elements of dubbing Superbook are where I have taken the most leaps of faith. This week, in His sovereignty, God has put to rest many of my uncertainties.

A few weeks prior to my Tbilisi trip, I received a FB friend request from an American missionary who worked in Georgia. He introduced me to Giorgi, a Georgian movie producer. This connection was a pleasant surprise from out of the blue. No one on our team knew Giorgi, and we did not know what to expect. Nino and I met with him this past Monday. Giorgi turned out to be a brilliant man with vast movie production experience, including work with Christian ministries in the United States. His current projects in Georgia mostly involve international companies filming in Georgia.

Giorgi visited the Jesus.Ge studio on Wednesday. He was very pleased with our technical set-up, as well as the talent in the group. He spent almost three hours with us, asking questions, brainstorming future opportunities, giving suggestions, and offering various tools relevant to our work. Giorgi is a very humble, soft-spoken man, with smiling eyes, and yet his presence was powerful and an extraordinary encouragement to the team. We had been praying for a professional mentor, and there before us was the answer. What an amazing God we serve! He answers prayers in ways above and beyond what we can imagine or think. We all look forward to seeing where God will lead us from here.

Thank you Giorgi for your big heart, your encouraging words and support! We pray for our Heavenly Father to abundantly bless you, your family, and your professional work. Many THANK YOUS from all of us!


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