CBN’s Superbook Dubbing Decision

by admin

Surprised, shocked, overwhelmed with Joy! An answer to prayer…

When we began working with CBN they made it clear that their dubbing process is very well defined and structured. After translation is complete, they require three samples of dubbing work by local studios. CBN then reviews the samples, considers the price options, and makes the final selection. Jesus.Ge very much wanted to be considered for the job, but they did not have a sample to offer. Early on, I had asked for an exception to this process, but my request was rejected.

By early spring, we had two samples from Georgian studios ready for CBN. However, funds were needed to build a studio for Jesus.Ge, and Superbook efforts were interrupted. Though these changes to our original plan were met with disappointment, I can now see, in retrospect, how God had a good reason for allowing the delay. His timing is always perfect.

While we were in studio construction mode, a U.S. organization approached Jesus.Ge and asked them to dub a film on the life of Christ. This was the first official request Jesus.Ge had ever received to dub anything, and it provided them with the sample they needed in order to be considered by CBN. What a great reminder to trust God and be thankful always, no matter the circumstances. By fall, construction of Jesus.Ge’s studio was complete, funding became available, we had the three samples CBN required, and we were ready to make the trip to the head office in Virginia Beach.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was very nervous about the upcoming trip, and did not know how to prepare for it. Animation, translation, and dubbing are NOT my fields of expertise. Nor do I speak Georgian. Humbled, I prayed for God to surprise me, as I had nothing to offer of my own.

During my presentation meeting with CBN’s directors I was honest about my bias, and asked them if when they evaluated Jesus.Ge ministry’s sample they were at all pleased with the quality of it, they would be willing to give them a chance. I backed up my request with an offer to have SAVE Georgia hire a professional local consultant from one of the other studios under consideration, and have them oversee the project. Both studios would get credit for the work. This was a more expensive option, but it guaranteed training for the Jesus.Ge team, and a high quality finished product. It would be a win-win solution for everyone.

At this point in the meeting, our conversation took an unexpected turn. I felt both overwhelmed and humbled, as I saw God answer my prayer for a surprise. CBN’s directors acknowledged the need to have a Christian studio in Georgia, and were willing to invest in the Jesus.Ge team. They agreed to sign the dubbing contract with Jesus.Ge, and offered to have their Kiev technical staff mentor and train them, even if it required having the technicians travel to Tbilisi for a period of time. I was shocked. Going into that meeting I had thought Jesus.Ge might possibly have a 20% chance of getting the contract if a local consultant oversaw the project. The thought of having CBN mentor and guide the team through the process had never crossed my mind.

Before we ended, we were able to also touch on some other areas of need in Georgia, and in the near future we will be looking at ways to incorporate some of CBN’s materials into the Jesus.Ge website. New doors are opening to opportunities we had never even dreamed of. I’ve learned it’s better to stay in the passenger seat and let God do the driving. He has taken me on some amazing journeys. Here I am, just two months later, packing equipment to take to Jesus.Ge in Tbilisi, where I’ll also be meeting with CBN’s Kiev team. I am living out a dream, and am overwhelmed with joy!

Father, I thank you for your love and surprises, and for blessing me with an opportunity to serve you. Thank you for loving the country of Georgia, and for showering them with your blessings.

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