Equipment delivery for Superbook dubbing

by admin

Tbilisi has been keeping me busy since my arrival on Sunday night. Non-stop meetings, expanding our local network of contacts, event planning, enjoying khachapuri and khinkali, drinking lots of coffee, strategy sessions, very little sleep, but overall a very productive time. On Monday morning suitcases were unpacked, and the technical team got to experience a glimpse of heaven (in their own words). We are thankful to our Heavenly Father and to your prayers. ALL the equipment arrived in prefect condition!

The last two trips to Georgia were quite different—a combination of family vacation and ministry work that frequently competed for my time. Those restrictions were not a factor this time, however, and I was able to spend most of the day with the team, getting to know each other on a personal level. It’s a beautiful thing to observe the interplay of different personalities first-hand, to see their talents being put into practice, and to witness them working in harmony.

Jesus.Ge truly operates under the Lord’s blessing and the humble leadership of their founder, Guja. This man leads with wisdom and by example. He’ll bring and serve breakfast, stay up all night to finish a project, or mentor a team member in time of need. He has the heart of a servant, and I hope we will soon be able to share his remarkable testimony of how and why he was moved to begin the ministry work of Jesus.Ge.

Tomorrow our CBN friends are arriving from Kiev. A very exciting opportunity to have them visit the studio. Please keep us in your prayers as God continues to shower us with His goodness.


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