Superbook auditions finalized!

by admin

It has been a few long weeks, a few trials along the way, many challenges…and finally the foundation for our project is complete! Superbook auditions have been finalized, main character voices have been approved, Logo in Georgian is finished, singer and children’s choir for the two theme songs have been approved.

We received the last set of approvals from CBN this morning (March 3, 2017)!!!!

It has been an emotional day celebrating realization of an idea that came to mind almost 2 years ago.

So much to be thankful for!

Thank you Jesus.Ge team for your hard work, dedication, long hours, late nights, thinking outside the box, challenging yourself, your great attitudes and love for Jesus! And Thank You Lord for sending Angels our way to guide us along.

Here is a sneak peek into voice selections for Superbook, Gizmo and Lucifer.

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