New Rubric “Window”

by Guja Chachanidze

As long as, Georgia is Orthodox and there are few protestants in our country. We are trying to do our best to popularize famous Christian singers in our society. We try to spread god’s word and Christian culture in many ways, to Georgia.

Some weeks ago, during the working process, one of the Musical Background team members came up with a new idea. The idea was to make a small rubric that would be more active, funny, and interesting for the youths. The rubric will be only 2 minutes long and it will give more detailed information to the viewers about Christian show business, singers, actors, and sportsmen.

The rubric will be called “Window”, which means that with the looking into the window you see things widely and beautifully, also a word window, in Georgian culture means tea-break, so the stories told there would be watched during the break.

The host of this rubric will be one of the team members, Roza Knoeva, who serves in Musical Background as a volunteer. She is very happy with this new rubric and tries her best.

The stories about Christian celebrities are ready, so we will shoot the rubric next week, the 17th of November.

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