New Life Rehab Center-down payment!

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Dear Friends,

We want to share our tremendous joy with all of you. With an amazing provision from our loving Lord Jesus, our team was able to put a down payment on a building, which will be the home of the New Life Rehab Center! This absolutely stunning house is located in one of the villages of the Ajarian Region on the Black Sea Coast of the Country of Georgia. Not only has the Lord provided the home for recovery but he also placed the first resident there for treatment! We are so excited and grateful for this opportunity to serve our mighty God and witness His mighty work and transformation in many hopeless lives!

Please join us in prayer for:
• Wisdom and guidance for the New Life team
• The team to continue showing unconditional love and care for the residents and being true examples of Christ-likeness
• New residents of the treatment center and their hearts to be ready for the Word of God, hope for their spiritual and physical salvation, and cure from the disease of addiction
• Volunteers to support the ministry with their gifts, talents, and knowledge
• Financial support. We still are in need of $50,000 to pay the full price of the house (Please visit here for donation information)

So who are we and what is our mission?

New Life is a Christian based recovery ministry in the Republic of Georgia (in the mountains of the Black Sea Coast). This ministry is designed to help people whose lives have been affected by addiction, helplessness and hopelessness. It involves the provision of a Christian faith based recovery approach for individuals with addiction as well as their family members, loved ones, and anyone involved with their lives.

The New Life team is composed of highly devoted and passionate members who have expertise in Bible teaching, discipleship, recovery coaching, addiction education and prevention work.

Why support the New Life Ministry in Georgia?

• Promote provision of Christian faith based treatment and recovery to people who have never been given this opportunity due to the political, economical, and cultural barriers
• Educate individuals and communities on the disease of addiction and reduce the stigma attached to the people with addiction
• Show a non-judgmental approach to recovery and ease addicts feelings of shame, guilt, frustration, and discouragement
• Educate families on the disease aspect of addiction and the concepts of unconditional love, forgiveness, support, encouragement, and healthy boundaries
• Help people with addiction to find purpose in their lives as new creations in Christ and enjoy a New Life with their Savior and church family

We are grateful beyond words for all your prayers, support, and encouragement!
God bless!

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