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Support us in PRAYER

Those that know me well will agree that I am not a person of many words.  I am a doer and, oh boy, do I love numbers! I have been blessed to have a career in finance and accounting.  Daily, I indulge in reading financial data, which is by no means as boring as some might think. Numbers reveal very colorful stories, and are often filled with suspense.

In spite of my love of numbers, I have to wholeheartedly admit that I believe the success of serving others is rooted in words.   Let me explain.  Prayers are OUR WORDS to our Heavenly Father, oftentimes seeking His guidance, His direction, His wisdom, His protection and His strength.  When our hearts and minds are humbled by the truth of HIS WORD, our Heavenly Father reveals His will to us.  I believe that our requests to Him and His words to us are what guide our ministry.

The success of our ministry in Georgia is not measured by the number of projects we sponsor, the number of books we translate and publish, or our popularity ratings. Our mission is to follow God’s calling, and be prepared to humbly serve Him whenever and wherever that might be. We pray that He would be glorified in everything we do.

Temptations, attempts to derail our work, and spiritual warfare, are ever present in the ministry. We are not exempt from trials. Our minds and bodies become exhausted and weak.  Therefore, above all else, we ask that you get involved by PRAYING for us and for our endeavors.  Through your prayerful support, you help keep the foundation of our ministry secure, and as God’s Word promises, we are certain that He will provide for all of our other needs, whether that be talented workers, equipment or finances.

OTHER Ways to get involved

If you are the type that likes to roll up your sleeves and get to work, I am sure there is a job for you.  Are you a writer, history buff, professional videographer, experienced in marketing, love children? The list is endless. Or, perhaps your curiosity is piqued, and you’d like to visit Georgia and its local ministries? We’ll make sure to welcome you with authentic Georgian hospitality. We will also work with churches interested in planning summer mission trips to Georgia. Contact Us and we’ll take the next steps together. All talents, backgrounds, and interests are welcome.